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110 Highett Street, Richmond VIC 3121
“I approached  Plumfleet because I had faith in them being able to provide me with the great support I needed. Plumfleet were able to back this faith up by providing  me with that support when I needed it and as they promised. They listened to our needs and I was impressed with their attention to detail. The end result has been a great outcome for both parties. We can now rely on Plumfleet to provide their products and services and to follow through with ongoing support to me as and when it is required. I have found the experience of dealing with Plumfleet to be extremely satisfying, particularly in knowing that their advice and support was but a phone call away. I would recommend Plumfleet to organisations that require assistance with Grey Fleet and Driver Management, OHS/WHS advice relating to fleet and staff mobility as well as Vehicle Booking Systems” Jan Zagari, Fleet Manager, Austin Health