Assists organisations to mange their driver community
(including licence expiry, demerit points and driver policy acknowledgement)

What is PlumTree?

PlumTree is an easy to use, single sign-on portal that is designed for employers to manage all drives who drive on company business.

How does it work?

PlumtreeĀ is cloud based driver management system designed to assist drivers, line managers and administrators. The software was developed locally.

What Can PlumTreeOffer?

PlumTree has a flexible approach and can be tailored to suit the requirements of your business. There is a combination of packages to choose from depending on your specific needs.
PlumTree offers all of the following:

Licence checking

The system offers a function to store licences online.

Grey Fleet management

Grey fleet is an area that can be challenging to manage. This section is designed to clearly show the driver what is required from them. There are two areas, one being a self-declaration area where drivers are asked to provide details of the car driven on business, any points obtained and also sign a declaration that the car is fit for purpose. The second area enables drivers to upload items such as insurance documents and agree to a declaration of what they have provided is accurate and honest.

Policy management

The driver is provided with a copy of any policies that the employer wishes to be complied with and enables the employer to track acceptance electronically. New versions can easily be uploaded on to the system ensuring that drivers always have access to the latest versions. Any numbers of policies can be uploaded, whilst we are able to work with young and fast growing businesses who may not yet have a formalised policy in place and use our experience and skill to help design the right policy for you, all within the costs of implementing PlumTree itself.


When your business has rightfully invested into a driver risk management programme you want to be sure it has the desired effects such as reducing incidents, reducing costs and ultimately keeping within the legislation and law in relation to health and safety and road traffic laws and legislation. Therefore a whole host of reporting options can be formulated for your business to help target areas of concern.